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Alice is a Practitioner of
Therapeutic Healing for the Body, Mind, and Spirit

Integrated Kabbalistic healing addresses the whole person – mind, body and spirit. Energy healing is not the primary focus but is always included as we are "energy".
I will help you embody the change you desire to create a happier, easier life for yourself.
We all face difficult times and habitually create unneeded conflict for ourselves and others.
Through this healing path you will learn to accept that "just who you are is enough".
Trauma, depression, fear of failure, the need to make a change in your life whether job, divorce or a move, the desire for a new relationship, illness, death of a loved one, are examples of life experiences that can be healed with this kind modality.

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Healing is a gift of love to ourselves

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My Offerings

Individualized Therapy Healing Sessions

Each body holds the key to its own healing. NonDual Kabbalistic Healing is a body-focused (somatic) practice. No thinking is needed.  In a session you are free to relax and do nothing; to just show up and be supported. The transformation you will experience is reliable and kind. The change you desire will become safely embodied over time and you will be living life in a new way.
I integrate all my training in Kabbalistic Healing, NonDual Shamanism and deep personal healing and offer an unique treatment for each client. Each session is different just as each day, hour and minute is different in each of our lives.
My hourly rate is $75.00
A sliding fee scale is available on a limited basis as well a discount for purchase of a block of 5 or 10 sessions. Please contact Alice for more information.


Personalized Healing Sessions

Schedule a zoom or phone session with me.

My Integrated Kabbalistic Healing sessions are designed to integrate the change you desire into your body with compassion and kindness. I have walked the walk of many years of self healing which I still continue, so to be able to truly be present and supportive with my clients. No thinking or deliberating is needed and the healing sessions are deeply effective. I recommend several sessions to allow the healing process be more deeply seated.
I see clients all over the world via Phone or Zoom (online).
The sessions will give you more opportunity and freedom to live the awakening and happier life you desire as we heal together.


Educational Opportunities

Classes and workshops for healing in community

I am a graduate of A Society of Souls, and am authorized to teach some of the wonderful healing work and practices of the school to clients and friends. I also teach monthly classes for The Center for Illumination


Community Practice Groups

Gather for Practice and Sharing

Community sharing and practice is often an important part of the healing journey. We are not meant to be alone in life. The concept of NonDuality is focused on helping us open our hearts to ourselves as individuals and the wholeness of life we are always a part of; we are all connected, we are "stardust".

I offer discussion, classes and practice groups to support my clients and friends healing journey. I teach at the Center for Illumination which was founded by classmates.

Please visit the graduate website of my school, A Society of Souls to find classes and practice groups offered by me and my fellow graduates.


FREE Consultations for prospective clients- I will help you decide if healing sessions will benefit you.

Feel more yourself and relax into life

I have experience working with many challenges we face as humans; grief work and loss of loved ones, divorce, seeking intimate relationships, desire for change in any aspect of our lives, childhood and other traumas, and other situations we find hard to bear.   I will help you find more pleasure and ease in every day life amidst the struggles that are part of our human existence.
Please contact Alice for a 20 minute FREE consultation.

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"Be who you are" is the great secret of spiritual work.

Jason Shulman

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About Myself

My Story

I’ve been a professional nondual healer since 2014. My training, a lifelong journey, is with "A Society of Souls" founded by Jason Shulman. Self healing is a requisite of my teaching lineage and allows me to be fully present with the conflicts and desires of my clients. I walk the walk every day. I have experienced many deep personal traumas. My NonDual Kabbalistic Healers have helped me get back into life and to experience happiness and pleasure after great loss.
My healing sessions and educational sessions are informed by my study of Kabbalah, Energy work, Buddhism, NonDual Shamanism, Quantum Physics and numerous wise thinkers and poets. I help clients truly embody their deepest desires for Happiness and Change. Our bodies are the container for who we are in this life, and we can choose to heal into more of the love and happiness we desire.

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